4 I-Beam Construction

Most 20 and 22.5 Ton Dual Tandem Equip-ment Trailers manufactures use channel for siderails. Winston Trailers uses Grade 50 I-Beam siderails like a lowboy. Our competitors Siderails are Grade 36. Our 8' I-Beam Siderails have *47.5% more load carrying capacity than our competitor. Since our sid-erails are stronger, CNC plasma cut Diamond Siderails can provide more tie-town points than our competitors with out any significant loss of strength.


Main beams are CNC plasma pierced with the crossmember interlocked into the main beam. Cross frame reinforce-ment and extra suspension gussets are the backbone for building a tag trailer.

This Combination of design, strength, and ease of use will defiantly make most lowboys jealous.

Winston 20 Ton

Winston 22.5 Ton

Competitor's 20 Ton

Main Beam

14 x 5' Beam at 22 lb. Grade 50

14 x 5' Beam at 26 lb. Grade 50

14x 5' Beam at 22 lb. Grade 50


8 x 4' Beam at 15 lb. Grade 50

8 x 4' Beam at 15 lb. Grade 50

8' Channel at 11.5 lb. Grade 36

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