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Trailers for Professional Contractors | Haleyville, AL

Trailers for Professional Contractors | Haleyville, AL

Trailers for Professional Contractors in Haleyville, AL

Are you looking for trailers for professional contractors in Haleyville, AL? Equipment trailers to transport your valuable equipment from yard to job site and back easily and efficiently? Winston Trailers is the answer to your needs. Your time and equipment is your most valuable asset. Don't let a few dollars stand in the way of getting a good trailer!

Winston Trailers is manufactured by WTM, Inc. located in Haleyville, AL. For more than 25 years, Winston Trailers has been an innovative manufacturer of Equipment Trailers. Winston Trailers strive for superior design, high-quality components, and superior craftsmanship to produce trailers for professional contractors, utility companies, state, and local municipal government agencies. Winston Trailers builds a better trailer at an affordable price. When buying a new or used trailer, your best choice is Winston!

The difference is High-Quality Components, Superior Design, Craftsmanship, and Precision.

High-Quality Components: Winston Trailers uses the highest quality components at the best possible price. Winston Trailers does not cut corners by purchasing the cheapest components when building a trailer. Over our many years of building trailers, we have found what works and what does not. By using better components, our trailers have less downtime with fewer breakdowns. Simply better components last longer than bargain ones.

Design: Winston Trailers has been building trailers for more than 25 years. Over those years we have worked with various contractors and equipment haulers in order to understand their needs. Trailers must be able to carry specific loads and supplies to each job site. The combination of strength and flexibility is the matching of the correct beam size with the right suspension components making a difference between an easy towing trailer and a hard pulling dog.

Craftsmanship: Our Trailers are built by craftsmen who take pride in building each trailer as if it were their own. Our goal is to exceed the customers' expectations.

Machinery: Investing in good machinery provides constant high-quality trailers. Steel parts are designed with AutoCAD design software. Shaped parts are cut with our CNC 200 amp plasma cutter for quality and size. This plasma system also pierces the profiles in our beams for cross members. An HTC 200 ton press break forms parts constantly. Lincoln and Miler's welders use high-quality MIG welding wire that provides high strength welds. Kremlin paint system, with clean dry air, assures a quality paint job.

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About Products

Winston Trailers manufactures small and large trailers of different types. We specialize in 6 Ton to 30 Ton equipment trailers. Most are pintle hitch with dovetails and ramps. Winston Trailers offer optional hitches such as ball coupler, goosenecks, and king pin lowboy necks. We also manufacture specialty trailers for mounting tanks, generators, blasting and vacuum equipment.

See all of our Products:

  • 6-7 Ton Tandem Skid Steer trailers
  • 6 to 10 Custom Series deckover trailers
  • 10 to 15 Ton ProSeries Dual Tandem equipment trailers
  • 20 to 22.5 Ton ProSeries Dual Tandem trailers
  • 25 and 30 Ton Dual Tri-Axle trailers (Our Big Daddy)
About Products
About Name

About Name

Winston is the name of the county for where our trailers are manufactured. Winston County is a rural community in the lower foothills of the Appalachian chain. Winston County has a long history, most notable back during the Civil War. The people of Winston County were opposed to the secession of the confederate states and the county was referred to as the Republic of Winston. Now also called the "Free State of Winston" it is mostly a network of industry tied to many types of manufacturing.

Think About it? Price vs. Cost: Price is what you pay initially for a product. Cost is price plus upkeep and longevity of a product. The Cost of owning a Winston Trailers will exceed most its competitors. Just ask anyone who has ever purchased a Winston Trailer.

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