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Discover the benefits of becoming a Winston Trailers dealer!

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Become an Equipment Trailer Dealer in Haleyville, AL, and Beyond!

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Since 1986, Wilston Trailers has kept many of its original dealers. Our dealers have a personal relationship with our staff, and a majority of our dealers have been selling Winston trailers for more than 20 years. Each dealer stocks and sells trailers that are uniquely suited for their market. We’re proud to work with a variety of dealers to meet the needs of farmers, utility companies, municipal organizations, construction teams, and anyone else who uses equipment trailers. If you would like to become a dealer, please contact our team to learn more about acquiring Winston trailers for your stock.

Who Would Make a Good Winston Trailers Dealer?

See if You're the right fit

A good dealer stocks a variety of Winston trailers right for their market area. Stocking dealers are protected by Winston Trailers with regard to warranty and quality of merchandise. This offers dealers and their customers greater peace of mind and confidence in their purchase investment. A dealer must have a Trailer Vehicle Dealer license in order to sell any of our equipment trailers, and we do not provide this license—it must be acquired independently. To become a Winston Trailers dealer, you must already be an established trailer or equipment dealer in order to protect our interests and our brand. Additionally, you must the able to order, receive, and unload the stacked trailers that we send. These qualities will set a foundation for long term success.

a truck that is driving down the road
a truck that is driving down the road

Equipment Trailer Dealer FAQs

Your Questions Answered

A trailer dealer is, simply put, anyone who sells trailers. Winston Trailers supplies our dealers with heavy-duty trailers designed for large payloads and heavy equipment.

If you meet the above requirements, contact our team to learn more about how you can become one of our dealers!

No, we do not provide these licenses. You must apply with your appropriate state licensing board to acquire one on their standards of merit.

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Contact us and find out more about how to become one of our equipment trailer dealers.

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