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Find the right heavy equipment trailers for your hauling, paving, construction, and utility needs at Winston Trailers. Our sturdy, American-made trailers are designed to help you get the job done smoothly and safely. We build specialized trailers targeted for unique industries to equip our clients with the best tools for their jobs. The quality of our work and the variety of our line of trailers will help you drive your overall success.

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25 and 30 Ton ProSeries Dual Tri-Axle

These trailers are nicknamed the “Big Daddy” because they’re the largest tagalong trailers available. Built for high-endurance, heavy-duty jobs and designed with large main frames and 4 I-Beam construction with dual 2-speed bolt-on jacks, they’re sure to meet your hauling needs. We recommend our heavy-duty, 3 x 7.5’ hidden hydraulic ramps to move large equipment more easily. Explore specs and more.
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20 and 22.5 Ton ProSeries Dual Tandem

Our 20 to 22.5 Ton ProSeries Dual Tandem trailers are designed to handle dump trucks with dozers, excavators, loaders, and other heavy equipment with ease. Featuring 4 I-Beam construction, these trailers offer strength and support that’s second-to-none. With ABS air brakes, you’ll enjoy ample stopping power on every job. Ramp options are also available to adjust this trailer for your paving equipment.
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a truck that is driving down the road

10, 12, and 15 Ton ProSeries Dual Tandem

Enjoy easy loading and great load balance with our 10 to 15 Ton ProSeries Dual Tandem equipment trailers. Featuring our CNC pierced low profile designs with options for electric or air breaks and flatbed or dovetail with ramps, these trailers are the best towing trailers available. To keep up with today’s super strong diesel pickups, we also offer HD Gooseneck hitch options. Take on your jobs with ease, whether your hauling backhoes, dozers, pavers, or heavy loads like lumber, pipe, and other construction materials.
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9 and 10 Ton Custom Deckover Tri-Axle

Our 9 and 10 Ton Custom Series deckover trailers are perfect for handling light- to moderate-sized equipment. With single wheels, 5’ dovetail, and 5’ flat style spring assist ramps, it’s easy to enjoy a variety of equipment, building materials, and harvestables. These trailers also provide easy load positioning and great balance for a better towing experience behind 1-ton tow vehicles.
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6, 7, and 8 Ton Custom Deckover Tandem

Discover the right trailer for handling your light equipment, building materials, and hay or other harvestables. Equipped with single wheels, 5’ dovetail, and 5’ flat style spring assist ramps, this is the perfect hauling trailer for all your daily activities. You’ll enjoy excellent balance, easy load positioning, and a great experience towing behind 1-ton tow vehicles.
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6 and 7 Ton Skid Steer

Our 6 and 7 Ton Tandem Skid Steer trailers will impress you with their longevity and their durability. These are low-profile deck, between the fender type trailers designed to haul all types of small equipment such as mini excavators, forklifts, trenchers, tractors, rollers, boring machines, and more.
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ProSeries Gooseneck Dual Tandem

We offer Dual Tandem Gooseneck Trailers in 10 and 12 Ton model types. Designed to haul all types of freight, materials, and equipment, these are the Ultimate Gooseneck Trailers for all your needs. The low profile design built with our high-quality components ensures an easy towing experience and rugged reliability, no matter the job.
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