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Hydraulic Box, Charge System and Float Switch

  1. Hydraulic Side Box
    Easy Access, Easy Flow Adjust-ment, Easy Maintenance. Adjust the speed that the Ramps go down is easily. Just loosen the set screw, adjust, test and retighten. Also Inside is the Fuse to the Bat-tery Charger, A Marine Start Battery and easy to check fluid level in Hydraulic Tank.
  2. New Charging System
    No Battery Cable Necessary. Charges threw your std. trailer plug! All in the Side Box, 12 Volt Hydraulic Power Unit, Adjustable Flow Control, Battery, and the DC Voltage Boosting Battery Charger for up to a 10 amp Charge with Tow Vehicle 12 Volt Key Switched Trailer Circuit Threw the Trailer Plug.
  3. New Float Switch
    When the ramps are down in the load/unload posi-tion. The ramps can give in soft ground without damage to Cylinders or components. Marine type switch on both sides of the trailer to assist in ramp operation. Drivers Side Switch can lock in the Down Position to let the Hydraulic Cylinder Float when loading and unloading. This prevents damage to hydraulic components. When Finished loading, make sure the switch is in OFF POSITION, (Center).

Hydraulic Box, Charge System and Float Switch

Additonal Features

4 I-Beam Construction

Paint Upgrade

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