6 and 7 Ton Skid Steer

The 6 and 7 Ton Tandem Skid Steer trailers are low profile deck between the fender type and will haul all types of small equipment such as mini excavators, forklifts, tractors, trenchers, rollers, boring machines and more.

Winston Skid Steer Equipment Trailers are available in 6, 7 and 8 Ton Tandem Axle models. These Low Profile, deck between the fenders tagalong trailers are designed to haul all types or construction and farm equipment. These pan style trailers feature a low profile design for east loading and unloading of Skid Steers and attachments. Deck frame is 4 x 6' angle with a full wrap tongue. The 6 ton comes with a bolt on 7,000 lb drop leg Jack while the 7 Ton model comes it an 8' Tongue and a 12K Spring Assist dropleg Jack. An Oak floor supports small wheel equipment better than pine. Heavy Duty Ramps are 5' Spring Assist and are adjustable. Superior strength fenders are formed from thicker 1/8" tread plate designed specifically for these trailers. Up front is a 5 position hitch plate for pintle hitch or optional 2 5/16" ball coupler.

Suspension Difference: Winston Trailers Tandem Suspension is different from other manufactures. Winston only uses high quality slipper type suspensions with multi-leaf springs. Many years ago we found that stronger springs could prevent a substantial amount of axle and component damage. We use (2) 5 leaf slipper springs per 6,000 lb axle with a stronger 3500 lb rating ea. Subsequently we use (2) 7 leaf slipper springs per 7,000 lb axle with a 4000 lb rating ea. By doing these little things we provide our customers with a stronger undercarriage with less maintenance over time of ownership.

5 position Adjustable Pintle Hitch

Breakaway Kit with Charger

Wrap Around Tongue

33" Spread HD Equalized Slipper Suspension

Storage Area in Tongue

8 Lug Stud Piloted Single Mod Type Wheels

Bolt on Jack

Spring Assist Ramps

Oak Floor Staggered Where Joined

Stake pocket Downs

Heavy 1/8" Tread Plate Rental Fender

Lifetime LED Lighting

Dexter Axles EZ Lube Axles

PPG Epoxy Primer

Electric Brakes on All Axles

PPG Modified Alkyd Enamel

  6 Ton - BP2618E 7 Ton - BP2718E
Axle Config Tandem Tandem
GVWR* 13,850 16,100
Trailer Weight 16'/3420, 18'/3640, 20'/3855 16'/3540, 18'/3760, 20'/3975
Deck Length 16', 18', 20' 16', 18', 20'
Deck Width 81" Pan, 81 Between Fenders 81" Pan, 81 Between Fenders
Deck Height Approx. 22" 22"
Tongue Size 6" Channel 8" Channel
Jack 7,000 lb Bolt on Dropleg 12,000 lb Bolt on Dropleg
Axles (2) 6,000 Lb EZ Lube (2) 7,000 Lb EZ Lube
Suspension Springs 2" Wide 5 Leaf, 3500 lb ea. 2" Wide 7 Leaf, HD 4000 lb ea.
Tires ST235/80R16 E ST235/80R16 E
Tie-Downs 3" Stakepockects 3" Stakepockects
Spring Assist Ramps 20 x 60" Ladder Style 20.5 x 60" Ladder Style

*Maximum GVWR with Weight Distributed Evenly, Not to Exceed Ratings of Components or Tow Vehicle.

Never Exceed Tow Vehicle's Towing or Load Specifications. Federal, State, and Local Restrictions may apply to Dimensions and Capacities.

In accordance with our established policy of constant improvement, WTM. Inc. reserves the right to amend these specifications without notice.


Add a HD 12K Bolt on Jack to your Skid Steer Trailer.

Winch sizes available from 8000 to 15,000 lbs

Skid Steer Trailers come std. with a Tongue Storage Bottom. Add a Lockable Lid.

Skid Steer trailers come with Stakepocket Tiedowns. Popular to add Rubrails for more tie down choices.

HD Low Profile Tire Rated 14 Ply Rated 3640 Dual and 4080 Single at 110 PSI .

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