9 and 10 Ton Custom Series Deckover Tri-Axle

The 9 and 10 Ton Custom Series deckover trailers with single wheels will handle light to moderate sized equipment with 5' dovetail and 5' flat style spring assist ramps make for easy loading for a large variety of equipment along with building materials or even hay. These trailers also offer great balance and easy load positioning for great towing behind 1 ton tow vehicles.

Winston Custom Series Equipment Trailers are available in 9 and 10 Ton SuperHoe models. These Low Profile, deckover tagalong trailers are designed to haul all types or construction and farm equipment. These trailers feature high strength design with many of the same high quality components found in our ProSeries line. Main Frames are one piece 10' Hi-Tensile I-Beams are deck over, stacked frame design with Dexter Axle recommended Hanger Bracing. The ramps are now the same spring assist all in one Flat Ramp used on our 10 ton Pro Series models.

Our Best Towing Trailer

The 9 Ton tri-Axle and 10 Ton SuperHoe are no ordinary tri-axle trailers. This is our best towing trailer we build. Axle placement, shorter slipper suspension, wide frame and tire stance, and correct support bracing, provide for more stable balanced loads. This trailer is great towed behind medium duty trucks because of its great balance and stable ride. Add a 2 5/16' Adjustable Gooseneck and there is not a better equipment trailer to tow behind a dually pickup.

Less Tire Scrub: Placing the axles closer together and moving them rearward like our dual tandems relieves much of the stress and wear associated with tri-axle trailers built by other manufacturers.

Slipper Suspension: Multi-leaf springs and greasable equalizers are far superior to outdated eye to eye springs and shackles.

Hanger Bracing: Each suspension hanger point is braced according to axles manufactures recommended specifications.

EZ-Lube: Axles may be greased periodically with a grease gun without hub removal.

Brakes: Electric brakes on all axles provide more braking power than single axle brakes.

Wheels: 8 Lug, 16" Disc wheels are far superior to old demountable 14.5" MHU (Mobile Home Utility) rims of the past.

Radial Tires: 16" Radial tires is always and improvement over Bias ply tires.

Stable Ride: Low Profile and Wide Frame provide for a very stable platform for increased handling.

Great Balance: With the long balance point of the tri-axle suspension, load distribution and balance with proper hitch loading is easily achieved


5 position Adjustable Pintle Hitch

Breakaway Kit with Charger

Cold Bent Tongue

8 Lug Stud Piloted Single Mod Type Wheels

Lockable Tool Box in Tongue

Double Hinged HD Ramps with Large Sand Pads

Step on Driver Side

Spring Assist Ramps

Oak Floor Staggered Where Joined

with Rubrail Tie Downs

Heavy Duty Slipper Suspension

Sealed Modular Wiring Harness

33" Close Axle Equalized Suspension

Lifetime LED Lighting

Dexter Axles EZ Lube Axles

PPG Epoxy Primer

Electric Brakes on All Axles

PPG Modified Alkyd Enamel


9 Ton - AP30625EC

10 Ton - AP30725EC SuperHoe







Trailer Weight



Deck Length

25' (20' Flat + 5' Dovetail)

25' (20' Flat + 5' Dovetail)

Deck Width



Deck Height Approx.

34"/ 32" Loaded

34"/ 32" Loaded

Main Beam

10" at 15# I Beam G50+

10" at 17# I Beam G50+


12,000 lb Bolt on Dropleg

12,000 lb Bolt on Dropleg


(3) 6,000 Lb EZ Lube

(3) 7,000 Lb EZ Lube

Suspension Springs

2" Wide 5Leaf, 3500 lb ea.

2" Wide 7 Leaf, HD 4000 lb ea.


ST235/80R16 E

ST235/80R16 E


3" Stakepockects w Rubrail

3" Stakepockects w Rubrail

Spring Assist Ramps

20.5 x 60" Ladder Style Flat

20.5 x 60" Ladder Style Flat

*Maximum GVWR with Weight Distributed Evenly, Not to Exceed Ratings of Components or Tow Vehicle.

Never Exceed Tow Vehicle's Towing or Load Specifications. Federal, State, and Local Restrictions may apply to Dimensions and Capacities.

In accordance with our established policy of constant improvement, WTM. Inc. reserves the right to amend these specifications without notice.

Deck Length

Tool Box on Side

Self Cleaning Dovetail Inserts

Deck Width 102"

Tire Options Available

Winch Track and Winches


Spare Tire Carrier

Extra Step

12,000 lb 2 Speed Bolt on Jack

Spare Tire and Wheel Combo

Flat Deck (No Dovetail or Ramps)

25,000 lb 2 Speed Bolt on Jack

Gooseneck with 2 5/16" Adj. Coupler

Mud Flaps

Dual Bolt on 2 Speed Jacks

King Pin Insert for Gooseneck

Other upon Request


Bolt on Single HD 2 speed 25,000 lb Jack

Move ramps closer for narrow equipment loading

12 x 12 x 48 Side Tool Box

Ladder style Self Cleaning Dovetail Inserts

Addition Siderail Steps can be added to your Siderails

HD Low Profile Tire Rated 14 Ply Rated 3640 Dual and 4080 Single at 110 PSI .

Winch track with sliding 4' winches or weld on winches

6' Dovetail + 6' Spring Assist Wood Filled Flat Ramps with Approach Plate

6' Dovetail + 6' Spring Assist Flat Ramps make all loading easer. Better load angles for problems loading front and rear attachments to prevent dragging.

24 x 24 Bucket plate with D ring for Tiedown

Positive Camber add to Frame to prevent Sagging or Bellied out Deck. Set up like a boy dog.

Bolt on Dual 2 Speed 12,000 lb. Dropleg Jacks

Winch sizes available from 8000 to 15,000 lbs

Flatbed shown with optional Rubrails with Stakepockets on Rear, mud Flaps, Winch Track and Weld on Winch between the axles.

Our HD Gooseneck Trailers have a variety of options to fit your needs.

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