Paint Upgrade

More import than any paint is the preparation. Trailers are wire brushed and chipped to remove burs and a grinder used to clean edges.

Each Winston Trailer is thoroughly cleaned wit a biodegradable chemical wash to re-move lose particles and acid etch the steel to give improve primer adhesion.

To have a good paint finish, first you must have good primer. Each trailer and its com-ponents are fully coated with Epoxy Primer for better salt spray resistance.

We use an Air Mix paint system for better atomization of paint. All paintable surfaces are covered inside and out with High Quality Enamel Paint.

Preparation, process and the latest paint pray equipment provides a better overall paint finish.

Some of our competitors claim automotive finish while either not painting the underside of their trail-ers or just coating with cheap black emulsion like a mobile home. Cheap coating on the underside with DTM, (Direct to Metal Paint) and a big bright decal is nothing more than a pig with lipstick.

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